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Homeschool tweens and teens out there, polish your dancing shoes and get ready for some fun!

This year Mosaic is offering monthly tween and teen dances, one semi-formal dance as well as….PROMS! Both the semi-formal dance as well as the PROMS will be themed!

Descriptions of our dances can be found at http://mosaicexplore.com/course-descriptions/ .

featherpenPlease email song requests to suisaidhburke@gmail.com by Wednesday April 19th for the combined dance, and by May 10th, 2017 for the Prom.

A soft glimmering light hovers ahead of you on the mossy path, are your eyes playing tricks? Is that a Will o the wisp? The path winds over a stone bridge, raising you up and over the marshy ground. As you follow the floating orb you hear faint music. The will o wisp picks up its pace and you follow deeper into the enchanted forest. Finally, after carefully avoiding low branches, and raised roots, you enter a glade softly lit with glowing orbs of golden light. Music is playing, all manner of foe folk are dancing, a sumptuous feast is laid out on a moss covered fallen tree to the side, and atop a giant mushroom sits a wise owl, nodding in time to the music.  She looks into your eyes and says, “Please, do join us! We’ve been waiting for you!”


Delicious buffet, drinks, desserts, DJ, Fabulous Enchanted Forest glade in which to dance and visit with friends, and ballroom instruction at 6 pm!

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you won a free Prom ticket at our Yule Ball please email Cristina.Drondoe@mosaicexplore.com to register!



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Parents, a couple of housekeeping notes:

  • these are all dances – we hope to see all kids dance and enjoy the music! We have no other means to keep participants entertained other than music and their friends’ company, so it’s important, especially for the younger participants, to understand that this is not a group playdate.
  • tween dances are for kids 10 and up and all tween parents are kindly asked to remain on site.
  • combined tween and teen dances are for kids 12 years old and up to diminish the age difference between all participants and ensure a nice evening for all
  • if you know what your kid would enjoy as a snack or a drink, please send them with it as long as it’s nut free.

Thank you!