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Tween and Teen Dances

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Mademoiselles and Messieurs aged 12 and older please grace us with your presence at this year’s Yule Ball hosted by Beauxbatons. Join us in the great hall for an evening of dancing, fine hors d’oeuvres, and merriment.
Location: Mosaic, 2013 Elm St, Manchester.

Semi-formal attire desired however no one shall be turned away.

Musical requests to mosaicteenevents@gmail.com



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Parents, a couple of housekeeping notes:

  • no tickets available at the door!
  • these are all dances – we hope to see all kids┬ádance and enjoy the music! We have no other means to keep participants entertained other than music and their friends’ company, so it’s important, especially for the younger participants, to understand that this is not a group playdate.
  • if you know what your kid would enjoy as a snack or a drink, please send them with it as long as it’s nut free.

Thank you!