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Homeschool tweens and teens out there, polish your dancing shoes and get ready for some fun!

This year, 2017/2018,  Mosaic will be offering three themed dances: Masquerade, Yule Ball and Prom.


Our first dance of the year, the Masquerade, is just around the corner!

Come alone or bring a friend, but whatever you choose, please do attend,

We just ask this simple task,

Don’t forget to wear your mask!

Should a costume suit your taste,

We think that would be the best.

It’s a Masquerade for all of

Those who like to have a ball!



– Costumes are optional, masks highly recommended!

– Drinks, and light refreshments will be served.

– This is a drop-off event; parent chaperones will be present at the party. If you would like to chaperone or have any questions, please contact Susan Burke at suisaidhburke@gmail.com


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Parents, a couple of housekeeping notes:

  • these are all dances – we hope to see all kids dance and enjoy the music! We have no other means to keep participants entertained other than music and their friends’ company, so it’s important, especially for the younger participants, to understand that this is not a group playdate.
  • combined tween and teen dances are for kids 12 years old and up to diminish the age difference between all participants and ensure a nice evening for all
  • if you know what your kid would enjoy as a snack or a drink, please send them with it as long as it’s nut free.

Thank you!