• Global Awareness

    Improve your understanding and awareness of global issues and learn to value diversity.

  • Research Skills

    Sharpen your research skills to learn and understand complex world problems and craft solutions.

  • Diplomacy and Leadership

    Learn and practice how to resolve disputes, form alliances, negotiate with other delegates, and compromise for the best outcome.

  • Public Speaking

    Boost your confidence and communication skills by improving your public speaking.

Welcome to MOSMUN!

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Mosaic Model UN is an extra-curricular class and activity through which students deepen their knowledge of global issues and international relations and improve their skills in research, public speaking, diplomacy, negotiations and decision making by preparing for and participating in simulations of the General Assembly, Security Council, Specialized Committees or other non-UN bodies, such as national cabinets or crisis committees.
Model UN, more than anything else, is a high school diplomatic competition organized by colleges and universities throughout the world.




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