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BOSMUN ended and brought everyone a great experience, lots of learning and fun times! Congratulations to all of our students for getting out there to speak, network, and negotiate! Congratulations to Jocelyn for winning the Best Position paper award, and to Ilinca and Theo for winning Honorable Mention awards. For those new to Model UN - there are only 5 awards and 2 verbal commendations per committee! This is huge and I couldn't be more proud! Keep up the great work, delegates!!! -Elizabeth Kuhlmann, Tracie Ford Koelb, Julee Katzman, ... See MoreSee Less

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Here they are, ready for the opening ceremonies!

Anna and Ilinca are representing Yemen and Italy in the SOCHUM committee on the topics of domestic workers and cultural diversity and tolerance.

Theo is representing Yemen in the UNHCR committee, debating on the civil war in South Sudan and crisis in Venezuela.

Sam is spending the week end on the Oregon Trail, a crisis committee, representing Rufus Tillon, a butcher who immigrated from France with his father.

Genevieve is involved with the Wall Street as Ken Lewis, for Bank of America CEO, debating the 2008 crisis.

Jocelyn is practicing the art of espionage in the MI 6 committee, representing Yvonne Fontainne, a French native who was involved in the Special Operations Executive and is now using her expertise for MI 6.

-Elizabeth Kuhlmann, Tracie Ford Koelb, Julee Katzman, ... See MoreSee Less

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Mosaic Explore‘s goal is to provide a menu of educational enrichment opportunities in a welcoming and friendly environment where homeschool students’ academics, cooperation and courtesy can flourish.

We recognize and respect the fact that parents are the primary educators of their children and we focus on supplementing the core academic education provided at home.

In doing so we are collaborating with qualified instructors who teach multiple levels of interesting, experiential classes in science, technology, languages, history, art, music, and more. At the same time we strive to offer homeschool students a place and community where they can meet to learn, discover, experiment, collaborate and have fun while following their interests. Parents together with their students can mix and match from an a-la-carte menu of classes without feeling obliged to make a whole year commitment.

Classes are taught on Wednesdays in the Educational Center of the Brookside Church of Manchester, NH in two semesters, each 14 week long.

Mosaic Explore is a secular, inclusive program.


  • – Mosaic is such an amazing program, you’ve really outdone yourself. I can only guess at the number of hours you’ve put into this. Thank you so much. The quality of this program, and the community’s excitement over it are direct reflections of your hard work. Thank you! – K.M. (Derry, NH)
  • Mosaic is an indispensable program for the homeschoolers in this area. Thank you for putting it together. K.M. (Derry, NH)
  • – I wanted to pass on to you my lovely impressions of today. What I saw
    was a venue where enthusiastic, excited children filled the hallways,
    comparing notes, asking each other what classes they were taking,
    stopping to show off and admire artwork, to discuss ideas for creative
    writing, or to watch circus activities. I think you have achieved
    precisely what you set out to create. It is a place where children can
    choose and try different disciplines and get to make friends as fellow
    learners with common interests. A place where learning is a delight,
    where generous time is given to its pursuit, and enthusiastic highly
    skilled teachers motivate interest in their respective fields.
    Congratulations and thank you. – C.C. (Nashua, NH)


  • – Olivia loved all of her first day classes at Mosaic, and remarked that Shakespeare was her favorite. It was great to meet some new families and talented teachers – here’s to the program’s continued success and growth!  – K.C. (Bedford, NH)


  • – My boys are enjoying their classes at Mosaic as well.  Cartooning is a big hit and carries over at home!  The hands on activities in Biology are also a big hit!  Love this opportunity and thank you Cristina. – K.W. (Manchester, NH)

End of term 1:

We are continuing our classes for term 2.  I am very impressed with the teachers and how well they know my kids.  The teachers are well prepared and share their knowledge and enthusiasm each class!  A very successful experience for us. K.W. (Manchester, NH)

  •  – Even my normally very reserved nine-year old is looking forward to next week! Both kids really enjoyed their teachers and I was grateful to meet new parents and catch up with old friends. – K.MP. (Amherst, NH)

End of term 1:

The first thing my son said when he walked out of his last class at the end of term I was “Can I do it again?” We’re so glad this exists :)  – K.MP. (Amherst, NH)


  •  – Isabella had such a wonderful experience this first term that we have signed up for the next. She loves the classes and we love what she is learning. – J. S. (Manchester, NH)


  • – My son really enjoyed his first term at Mosaic and had a great time with NH History. As he went to class every Wednesday morning he peeked into the Shakespeare group and was very interested in all the action going on in that class. He had a chance to participate in it for a short time and we so enjoyed the experience, that naturally we had to sign him up for the drama class this coming term.
    Another class that caught his eye was Lego Engineering, building robots and cars that climb over obstacles is just something that can not be missed by kids, right?  – M.K. (Manchester, NH)


  • – My son has loved his first term at Mosaic.  The Shakespeare teacher has made learning Shakespeare fun for a seven year old!  We have heard such wonderful reviews from parents and kids about the other classes and have already enrolled in 2 more classes for the second term. Mosaic is a positive environment for kids to learn and we look forward to many more classes.  – L.R. (Bedford, NH)


  • – Sabrina cannot wait to start term 2. She will be continuing in the Lego engendering class and with the Shakspear class. Mosaic Explore has been a great experience! Thanks for all your hard work, Cristina. – J.M. (Merrimack, NH)


  •  – David and Joy will be continuing for Term 2, and Joy is adding a class, as she has enjoyed the first one so much. David is thrilled to be able to continue with the Cartooning class! – L.M. (Nashua, NH)


  • You can tell when an artist is just a teacher [of art], or whether he is passionate about art. I really like Toshi; he is an artist. You can tell he cares about your art, and gave us all individual feedback on what we were creating –  I.C. (Bedford, NH) – Mosaic Explore student


  • Today was the 1st day of the new session at Mosaic Explore. The kids really enjoyed their class. I have to say the level of organization is amazing, the atmosphere is pleasant & the teachers are great. Having been on the organizing end of several homeschool groups in the past I am really impressed with the entire package. – A. JS (Milford, NH)



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